This Mercedes Benz Viano, trimmed in Beluga Black soft Napa leather throughout, with soft suede roof lining, is a well-appointed two seat design with two drop-down seats.

This configuration provides maximum space for the two primary occupants with drop down seats allowing two additional passengers to travel with ease on short duration trips. The small bar, discreetly housing a combination of glassware atop a larger refrigerator, is the perfect complement to day’s recreational pursuits. Convenient drink / cup holders are located in the side arm rests. The strip lighting runs the entire length of the cabin is fully adjustable allowing each side of the cabin to be illuminated – collectively or individually. There are individual reading lights –  similar in style to those found on a commercial airliner. The carpet is high grade pure wool, soft under foot and highly durable.

The outsized 42” television screen, with sub-woofer and enhanced AV system provides a superb “home cinema” experience along with a radio, DVD and CD, controlled from the centre console.

This customer made an excellent choice of colours and features – for the very best in discreet luxury transportation. It is especially suited for long distance travel with the choice of super soft Napa leather as found in some of the world’s most luxurious cars.