International Distributors

At Carisma Auto Design Ltd we have considerable ambition in the Global market place to take our product worldwide. At the same time we recognize the need for local consumer knowledge and equally important – a high level of technical support and after sales service.


We build luxury conversions as demonstrated on this web site – of a complete range of vehicles. Our primary conversion is the Mercedes Benz Viano (or V class) – and for this vehicle we have an export license that allows us to provide a vehicle specific to the local market – meeting the highway legislation requirements of the country. It comes complete with an official two years Mercedes Benz warranty.

Alternatively distributors may acquire a vehicle locally and sea freight shipments to the UK are reasonable enough to make this a viable option. In most cases we pre-build the conversion before the vehicle arrives at our workshop.

Appointment process

To achieve this aim, we are (at August 2017) pro-actively looking for representation in key markets – in Latin America, Russia, The Middle East, and The Far East including Japan.

To qualify for exclusivity (it is our intention to only appoint one agent per region) – applicants should meet the following minimum criteria.

  • You must be an established trading corporation / player in the automotive industry
  • You must have “in house” means to provide technical support in automotive electronics
  • Acquire a minimum of three complete sales in the first year of the dealership

In return we offer

  • A generous, competitive and comprehensive exclusive distributor agreement
  • A comprehensive package of leather, wood and carpet samples
  • Marketing support – including photographs and web site links
  • Annual sales visitations to the markets to support the relationship

In the first instance, we invite applicants to contact us for further information by email: