Our History

The company’s tradition is built on our founder’s passion for motor vehicle. Established in 1998, the initial focus was restoring classic and custom cars to their former glory for discerning clients – usually car aficionados. Old worn out leathers and sun beaten woods were replaced with new materials – often increasing the value of the vehicle.

In recent years the company discovered a niche market for bespoke vehicle designs, converting new vehicles into creative designs, rather like a tailor made suit. We call it “discreet vehicle transportation”.

Many of our clients are senior government or business officials requiring an office on the move. Other clients are leading entertainment or sports personalities requiring transportation which allow them to be driven to their destination unobserved but in luxurious surroundings (normally found in a car that would draw attention).

Our Values

The company’s foundation is built on a passion for motor vehicles, especially the internal craftsmanship associated with “the way cars used to be built”. Craftsman throughout the last century used the finest leathers and woods, forging and shaping cars like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, MG, Austin Healey, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari. Conveyor belts hadn’t been invented!

There was painstaking attention to detail. Steering wheels were made of solid wood and switches upholstered with leather. In open roof cars, chrome glistened in the sunlight from switches, wire wheels, mufflers, front and rear fenders. Many of these values have been lost today to mass production, responding to reduced consumer budgets; except here.

We continue to apply the science associated with the history of motor vehicle excellence. We don’t mass produce anything and we never will. We use the finest leathers imported from select manufacturers around the world. The same principle applies for woods, carpets and audio systems. More importantly – our clients determine what they want and how they want their vehicle to be finished.

Our Craftsmanship

Our vehicle conversions are hand-crafted by skilled technicians from the best quality materials sourced from all corners of the globe. Our bespoke approach means each vehicle is unique in it’s design and build.

Our primary vehicle conversion is the Mercedes Viano. The quality of the Mercedes Viano reflects the baseline excellence of the vehicles we convert and build. The superiority of the Viano’s build can naturally be taken for granted from a firm of this calibre.

The Mercedes Viano allows us to convert the vehicle into four options. Primarily our clients require the vehicle for discreet vehicle transportation – but, as the following list shows – the applications are numerous.

  • Discreet vehicle transportation for private individuals, entertainment and sports personalities
  • Luxury chauffeur transportation
  • Hotel “meet and greet” services
  • Airport transportation
  • Sports and media events
  • Mobile offices for senior company executives

We also offer vehicle armouring as an additional service; A popular choice for government officials or those in countries where there is political and social unrest.