Eibach: leading car engineering

Every car enthusiast knows that the springs are crucial elements in a car. To a large extent, the quality of the spring determines the handling and performance of your ride. No wonder then, that many car owners only want the very best. Eibach is a revered company, and the industry standard when it comes to shock absorption springs. Are you looking to replace your standard springs with a more adventurous model, then Eibach should be your first stop. Want to know more? Below, you can find a lot more information about the brand’s unique history and its many products.

A unique company history
One of the things that makes Eibach so special, is that it has a very long history. The company was founded back in 1951 by Heinrich Eibach. Although Eibach is now a globally active brand, the German roots of the company are still very notable. The relentless search for improvement of spring suspension systems, as well as the use of the best quality materials available, makes that Eibach is always at the forefront of technological innovation.

The highest quality guaranteed

Eibach has a “will to win”, as their official slogan proudly proclaims. And history shows that this attitude can take a company the absolute top. With a product philosophy that is based on reliability and precision, you as a costumer can be assured that the Eibach products are of the highest possible production quality. The German quality management is unparalleled, and Eibach uses the best and most experienced engineers in the world in order to deliver the best springs possible. The aggressive looks and the quality of the products make Eibach the best choice for every car owner looking to take his vehicle to the next level.

Unique suspension products
Eibach springs are used in a wide variety of cars – from street cars to F1 racing cars. The many different performance springs are unique, because they allow a lowering of vehicles of up to 40mm. By lowering the center of gravity, the car will respond and handle better under extreme circumstances. The legendary Eibach products, as found in the Pro-Kit and Sport-Kit, combine with Bilstein shock absorbers to drastically improve traction and performance handling – all the while ensuring comfort and safety for the driver. The combination of improved performance and sporty looks are the dream of every car enthusiast.

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