Vehicle Armouring and Security

The requirements of all our customers – and the subsequent application for conversions are always varied. In countries where there is political and social unrest, additional vehicle security can be important to politicians and business leaders – providing piece of mind to occupants when travelling. Our primary conversion, the Mercedes Benz Viano, can be armoured with a range of protection levels – from hand gun (B4) to armour piercing (B6).

This includes vehicle armouring made of steel and ultra-lightweight ballistic armouring material; Amormax.

The design of the armoured Mercedes Benz Viano allows us, in partnership with a specialized armouring company, to armour the vehicle to a customer’s preferred protection level. An armoured vehicle – with a Carisma interior design converted to the same standard as non-armoured vehicles – provides not only luxurious discreet vehicle transportation – but also, even less obvious, exterior protection.

From bullet proof windows, re-in forced floors to safeguard against a grenade attack, armoured side panels to protect the occupants from a high powered rifle and “run flat” tyres. There is no obvious exterior indication the vehicle has been armoured by the vehicle’s owner.

It is possible to armour most vehicles, for example the luxury Escalade, but the generous internal cubic capacity of the Mercedes Benz Viano interior allows us to armour the side panels with particular ease given the space between our custom made Viano side panels and the main chassis.

The armoured Mercedes Viano provides our customers with the ultimate interior conversion – with the security to match.