Bilstein: the best damping technology

As the car industry keeps developing new, better and more efficient cars, it becomes more and more important to use parts of the highest quality. For anyone interested in the best damping technology currently being produced, Bilstein is the brand to go to. For more than half a century, Bilstein has been at the forefront of the automobile industry, coming up with innovative ways to improve safety and driving experience. The design of their shock absorbers is widely recognized as among the best available. Read more about this amazing brand here.

A company with an impressive history

Bilstein has a lot of experience producing car parts. The company was founded in 1873 by August Bilstein, and has been focused on developing improved shock absorption for almost a century. From a small business, it has grown to be one of the influential car part producers in our times. Throughout the years, Bilstein has always been focused on innovation. Constantly inventing newer and better shock absorption parts has made Bilstein synonymous with quality and innovation.

Quality products by Bilstein

Bilstein has a great name when it comes to production. Using only the best raw materials and German quality steel, the engineers at Bilstein are relentlessly looking to improve design and quality of the products they put on the market. That means that you, as a costumer, are guaranteed the best parts for the best price. No wonder then, that Bilstein has been an F1 supplier for McLaren for years, and is used by Porsche to fit their factory models.

Improve the shock absorption on your car

If you are looking to improve your personal driving experience, you should look no further. Bilstein is the leading producer of shock absorbers in the world, with solutions for nearly every type of car. Bilstein is most famous for its monotube shock absorbers, which are being sold in combination with the best springs (by Eibach). The award-winning B12 Pro and B12 Sportline kits allow for a lowering of up to 40mm.

This does not only improve the look of the car, but also creates a sporty experience, with improved comfort, safety, and handling in even the most extreme of situations.

Bilstein products can be purchased at many online car shops. Our main supplier is They offer products like B4, B6, B8, B12, B14 & B16. But for highly discounted prices.