Reducing pollution: ‘eco-tuning’

A lot of the news about car tuning focuses on the newest models, the newest powerful engines, and the best ways to get more performance from regular street cars. But the idea of the car enthusiast as a diesel-guzzling speed freak needs to be radically updated. Slowly but surely, the concept of car tuning is getting a greener hue. As threat of climate change is growing more serious by the day, the idea of ‘eco-tuning’ is becoming more popular. The interest in tuning electric cars is quickly growing as well, creating a whole new car tuning niche. What are the newest trends when it comes to green tuning? Read on to find out.

Environmentally friendly tuning
To the general public, car tuning might still evoke images straight from the “Fast and Furious”-movies, but the car world is slowly changing. The best example of this is the new trend of ‘eco-tuning’, which is not so much about speed or power as it is about using car tuning techniques to make the car use less fuel, emit less CO2, and drive smarter. Factory cars are becoming less and less polluting, and car tuning can be used to help this trend. Making a car lighter by removing unnecessary weight, and improving engine mapping to make it more efficient, can go a long way to make these cars even more eco-friendly. A perfectly tuned car is a much more efficient machine – and by improving longevity and fuel economy, the environment takes a lot less stress.

Enhancing fuel efficiency

Electronic car tuning: the future of cars
Although electric cars have a bad image, it is clear that the most exciting stuff that is happening in the car world, takes place in the realm of electric cars. With the latest Tesla model, a new generation of electric cars are now available for the wider public. For car tuners, electric cars are actually an exciting new area as well. Tuning these cars for speed and performance can drastically improve their handling, actually making them compete with normal cars when it comes to speed and handling. In doing so, car tuners can also create excitement about the electric car and promote its image as an environmentally friendly alternative. That way, car tuning can indirectly improve the environment – a win-win-situation